What is FloatWare ?

Floatware is a license type by which you can can distribute your software, software packages, web applications, photos, graphics etc. There are many license types available that you may find suited for your needs, but the " FloatWare license" has a unique approach to bridge and fill the gap between DonationWare,ShareWare and the PayWare license types.
FloatWare license emerged from a need by many to have a modified DonationWare and ShareWare license types distributed with their software or similar electronic works.
FloatWare license type may be especially useful if and / or when you decide to move away from a DonationWare type license but do not want to force customers to accept a classical PayWare license type, or other license types that are obliging customers with a specified fixed payable amount, at the same time keeping all the rights to the Copyright Holder / Author / Developer as held by a PayWare, Shareware or other license types.
In essence the FloatWare License says that the customer/user has to pay to use the specified software that came with the FloatWare license, meaning that the concerned software distributed with this license is not free, but at the same time there is no fixed price related to the software concerned, rather the price for the software is left for the end user to decide on the amount they see appropriate. The end user/customer cannot request a refund based on the floating price difference of the software. The basic unique strength of the Floatware License is that it gives customers; 1. the freedom to choose how much they want to pay for some software and 2. that the software may have a 'floating price tag".


Another important point is that when a software released may but not necessary include custom elements requested by the customer or offered by the author as an additional feature, in that case , if so clearly stated by the Author, there is a minimum initial payable amount that my vary according to various parameters set by the author that may lead/indicate fluctuations in the initial payable amount. For example; if the Author decides that the customizable element or similar in the software is to have an initial price of 10$, the author has the right to change the initial price ( to 12$ or 8$ ) depending on the parameters he has setup, and which the user-customer understands ( it may be that more users will mean that the initial price will drop from 10$ to 8$ or 9$ and vice versa, that less users will force the Author to increase the price from the initial 10$ to 12$ ) This is especial relevant to the point number 6 in the FloatWare License Agreement. This is for the customer to understand that she/he may end up paying less or more than others. Of-course this doesn't rule out the possibility that customers will choose to pay the least possible amount for the Software concerned, but then this is left for the customer to decide and is not dictated by the Author/ Developer/ Copyright Holder

To summarize: The FloatWare License is about the customer paying for the software the amount he/she sees appropriate, except in the case of additional, customizable elements that have been previously clearly stated , offered and agreed upon. In that case the software has a "Floatable" price. It is entirely up to the Author in the way the Software will be presented to the users/customers before receiving payments, either by including limited elements or functions , a time limit or by presenting reminders or any other means the Author sees as adequate to promote the Software.

Developers / Authors and Copyright Holders are permitted to copy , distribute copies and use the Floatware License document in their own software, software products or other electronic works, but changing/modifying it is not allowed (except in the points number 3 and point number 9 of the License Agreement" ) and the original copyright notice of FLOATWARE LICENSE DOCUMENT must stay intact ( Floatware License Document Copyright 2006 Floatware.org )

You must give credit to floatware.org for Floatware License Document. which has to remain unchanged, except as noted above, the 4th and 9th point of the FloatWare License Agreement may be modified. You can simply remove point number 4 or 9 from the License.( where the license agreement indicates that distribution of the software over the internet or other medium without prior notice from the Author/ Copyright Holder / Developer is not permitted, and the 9th point states that a user may use one copy of the software on a single computer.)
Only The 4th and 9th point in the Floatware License Agreement can be changed according to the Copyright Holder / Author / Developer needs.

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Floatware License Document (Version II , February 2006)

So what does all this FloatWare License really mean?
The FloatWare License simply put is a different way and approach to market , sell and promote your software or similar work, let the users/customers decide how much they want to pay...additionaly manage your software or other work with a "floating price tag".

This work, License document is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5 License.

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This work and (Floatware License document) is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5 License.  

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